Top 10 des mots mal prononcés en anglais

Here is another very interesting lesson about PRONOUNCIATION.
Indeed, a language has to be spoken. Otherwise, you may look a little bit funny!
So I have gathered for you my top 10 mispronounced words by the French, and presented them in a fun way! Hope you will enjoy! Talk to you soon!


EXERCISE : READ THE SENTENCES → Please call me on this number : +331. to tell me your pronounciation about the following words:

  • Promise/compromise: “i” →“Let’s make a compromise”;“I promise you to do that”.
  • Idea: “a” →“I find your idea to be childish”
  • Psychology: “p” is silent →“Psychology was always his least favorite subject ironically”.
  • Throughout: “th” →“Throughout my years of teaching, I’ve never seen a student come in dressed as a monkey until now”.
  • Thorough: “th” and “r” →“He did a thorough job cleaning his cat’s litter box”.


  • Wednesday (wenz-day) → “The meeting was put off till Wednesday”
  • Determine (diteur-mine) → “Did you determine a meeting time ?”
  • Variety (veu-rayé-ti) → “There is a lot of variety in the world.”
  • Recipe (ré-si-pi) → “Did you like my apple cake ? It’s a new recipe.” “ I love your burgers, can you please give me your recipe?”
  • Mountain (maoun-tèn) → “This summer, I will go to the mountains”
  • Vegetable (vegg-té-beul) → “No vegetables on my pizza”
  • Chocolate (tchok-lèt) → “It is the best chocolate cake I have ever eaten”.
  • Comfortable (kaumf-té-beul) → “The sofa is really comfortable”
  • Focus: long “o” → Otherwise you pronounce “Fuck us” which is embarassing 🙂
    “I would like to focus on 3 points”
  • Analysis (ana-li-sis) → Some people think that she needs a blood analysis.

Here you go! I am waiting for your call! Talk to you soon!

François Fourmentin